Award-winning Spear Builders of Virginia, Inc. is dedicated to constructing new homes throughout Virginia. Families choose Spear Builders to provide exceptional homes built with both skill and heart. This distinction is exactly why our reputation as a premier family homebuilder in Virginia remains one of excellence.

At Spear Builders of Virginia, we understand that your land holds sentimental and strategic value. Instead of adjusting your vision to fit a predefined space, we specialize in crafting homes tailored precisely to your desires right on your lot. Our expert team collaborates with you, transforming the unique characteristics of your land into a foundation for your dream home. With Spear Builders, it’s not just about building a house; it’s about realizing a vision rooted in your land’s legacy. Let us build your vision on your lot today!

Spear Builders, renowned in the heart of Virginia, has been at the forefront of custom home building for over 30 years. Their enduring presence in the industry speaks volumes about their dedication to crafting homes that resonate with the distinct desires of homeowners. Throughout these three decades in Virginia, they have seamlessly blended traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, ensuring each home is a masterpiece in its own right. Their longstanding reputation is a reflection of their commitment to excellence, making them a trusted choice for custom homes in the region.

At Spear Builders of Virginia, Inc., we have a passion for
homes. Not only do we build new homes but we also
have extensive expertise in the renovation and/or
restoration of older homes. The rich history of Virginia
provides and inspires many opportunities to refresh and
even resurrect structures that have withstood the test of
time. Spear Builders delights in the creative process of
bringing such treasures back to glory, respecting and
emulating the skill of the original builders, while
incorporating modern conveniences without detracting
from the historical appeal.

Spear Builders recognizes that homes are designed to meet the needs of a family. As a family evolves, so to do their needs. Some might expand the kitchen, others may add an in-law suite. Whatever home restoration or remodeling needs a family has, Spear Builders skillfully meets those desires by collaborating closely and providing coordination services that are aimed to inspire design ideas to make the most of a home’s potential.

What makes a house a home? Family. Spear Builders of
Virginia, Inc. has proudly provided generations of families
quality homes for over thirty years! That translates to
over 1,500 new homes that have contributed to the
formation of strong communities within Virginia. Families
choose Spear Builders time and again because we build
homes that last, but also take special care to transform
their dreams into reality, focusing on the tradition and
values so important to creating a home.

Spear Builders of Virginia, Inc. specializes in new home
construction. Our customer testimonials provide
prospective homeowners with reassurances of consistent
quality and expertise.

Virginia's Premier Custom Home Builder

At Spear Builders of Virginia Inc. we specialize in custom home building through the state. With over 30 years in the business we understand how to bring your ideas to fruition so they last a lifetime.