Written by Spear Builders

3 fantastic reasons to custom build your home in Fredericksburg, VA

Making the journey to new home ownership is one filled with anticipation and excitement. Often times the searching process is the most difficult. Just when you think you have found your dream home, you discover some particular detail that isn’t to your liking. Or maybe the neighborhood is not what you hoped for? The kitchen is not updated to your taste? However, finding the perfect home has never been easier when securing custom home builders in Fredericksburg, VA. Here are three benefits of building a new home that will inspire you to action.

Custom creation

When you make the decision to move to a new place, why not have things the way you want them? Work with a custom home builder to create the kitchen that fits your family’s style and needs. You decide the way the rooms are laid out when custom building a home. From the countertops to the bathroom fixtures and everything in between, you choose the colors, textures, and styles you love. You do not simply need to settle for what is already there when you start from scratch.

Save money

Unbelievably, you actually save money when you build your home. Older homes have much more maintenance and upkeep costs than new homes and that continues adding up. On average, a home approximately ten years old costs around 580% more to maintain than a new one. Another factor people may not think about is the time spent taking care of needed repairs and maintenance on an older home. Every hour spent dealing with unforeseen issues is time that could be spent on other things.

Modern conveniences

Today custom-built homes boast many modern features. Updated construction methods and stronger materials used in the fabrication of the home means it lasts longer. Also, many energy efficient options make your home environmentally friendly while saving you money too. According to statistics, new homes increase efficiency by 30% over older homes. Here are just a few of the updated features on new homes:

• More durable trusses on roofs.
• Special house wrap fights mold and mildew.
• Windows with multiple panes keep out the air more effectively.
• Security options are available to protect you and your belongings.

If you are ready to begin the journey of owning your dream home, then custom home builders in Fredericksburg, VA is your answer. Connect with Spear Builders today for more information!