Written by Spear Builders

4 reasons to choose Low-E windows for your custom home

When building your dream home from the ground up, it's easy to optimize the energy efficiency and use of natural light with the right windows. Low-E (also known as low emissions) windows are designed to control what's coming through the glass to keep your home comfortable with less energy use. Find out why Low-E windows are the best choice for a new custom home.

Control Fading

Tired of having your wallpaper, flooring, and furniture fade just because you chose a wall of glass look? Low-E glass limits the amount of UV rays coming into the room, resulting in vibrant colors over the years with far less fading.

Prevent Skin Damage

The same blocking of UV rays that protects your furnishings and decor also protects you and your family from skin damage. Repeated exposure to UVA and UVB rays can result in premature wrinkling, sun spots, and skin cancer. With Low-E windows, you can relax by a window in full sunlight to warm up in the winter without worrying about exposing yourself to dangerous UV rays.

Minimize Heat Gain

Aside from controlling the amount of light in the UV spectrum entering your home, Low-E windows installed by custom home builders in Fredericksburg VA also target infrared light as well. This is the part of the spectrum that transfers that most heat, which is why your home heats up in the summer when a lot of direct light is coming in through normal windows. You can leave your blinds up and curtains open all summer long and enjoy that amazing light when you have Low-E windows because the glass is treated to prevent the majority of heat from transferring into the interior of your home. It's still possible to sit in the sunlight and warm up a little because not all infrared light is blocked, but it's a strong enough effect that you'll notice much lower cooling bills in the summer.

Enjoy Full Amount of Light

Finally, Low-E glass accomplishes all of this while blocking almost no visible light. This makes it a better alternative to blinds, curtains, or tinting products that all limit the illumination value of a window.

If you're interested in implementing Low-E windows for your new home build, contact Spear Builders, local home builders in Virginia, today to discuss further.

Photo: Windows by ntm1909 licensed under Creative commons 2