Written by Spear Builders

Energy efficiency: the marriage of historic architecture and today’s high-tech features

Custom home builders in Fredericksburg, Virginia, are fortunate to be working in one of the most architecturally historic cities in America. Founded in 1728, Fredericksburg was on the frontier of Virginia’s western expansion. Its substantial historic district pays homage to the beauty of the buildings of its past. Buildings of the past, however, should be valued by more than just their beauty. They teach us that green home design is really nothing new.

Smart, pre-modern architecture

One of the most interesting aspects of pre-modern architecture is just how smart it was. Long before interactive refrigerators and talking toasters, smart home design was just a way of life; it was a necessity for surviving the elements in an off-the-grid world.

Prior to the 20th century, homes were designed to provide utmost efficiency and protection in their local climate. East coast homes were cleverly designed to be as warm as possible in the winter, while being as cool as possible in the summer. They were built with thick walls that stored and dispersed heat slowly and heavy doors and window coverings that kept wind and harsh weather out. Windows were shaped and placed in such a way that would optimize the availability of natural light and fresh air. Spaces were small and sources of heat were cleverly centralized and optimized to circulate effectively throughout the home. The laws of nature were prevalent in early house construction, as were natural and sustainable building materials.

Combining the new and the old

If you’re looking for a custom home builder in the Fredericksburg-Charlottesville area who understands the benefits of historic home renovation and retro-greening, you are looking in the right place. Virginia has more than its share of historic homes. Custom home builders with knowledge and experience in this area can offer great insight on restoring old and unique, hand-crafted wonders to their ultimate state of artistry, efficiency and inherent value, as well as implementing modern and energy efficient technologies.

The best custom home builders in Virginia, while in the business of infusing brand new, state of the art beauties to its historic landscape, also know how to apply the best of current technology and building techniques to treasured historic homes. Contact us today for more information.