Written by Spear Builders

5 reasons to add a loft to your open floor plan custom home

Open floor plans are still all the rage and for good reason. Large rooms with high ceilings and fewer walls provide a breezy and welcoming atmosphere while remaining flexible enough to use in practically any way. Lofts are a great feature to discuss to your custom home builder in Charlottesville VA for these five reasons.

1. Better climate control

High cathedral ceilings look great, but they can make it harder to stay warm in the winter without big bills. Cutting down the vertical height of at least part of a room by adding a loft traps more heat close to the floor where you can feel it. Many people find the spaces under a loft to be a cozy place to relax or even sleep in the winter.

2. Maximize space use

When you've already completed your custom home design but discover you'd really like another room for a crafting space or a home office, a loft is the most convenient way to add that extra space. It's a very popular renovation project because it's a lot easier and faster than adding onto the structure with an external addition. Cutting one room into two makes the most of the vertical space that would otherwise be wasted.

3. Smaller footprint

Building on a small lot is a challenge when you have a big family or host of a lot of guests. Going vertical is the best option, but extra floors cost a lot too. Lofting a few rooms adds the space you need while keeping the total footprint of the house as compact as possible, including vertically.

4. Higher home value

Since space for new real estate development is at a premium in the UK, loft additions have become one of the highest valued renovation projects because of the demand for new space in existing structures. In high demand areas, a loft renovation adds up to the US equivalent of $25,000 in home value. While your home value varies based on a lot of factors, the extra space of a loft will definitely help your home's future selling price.

5. Simple design

Finally, lofts are easier to build than second and third stories. These structures fit within the existing architecture and rarely require any structural changes, especially when they're added during new construction.

If you're interested in adding a loft to your home, contact Spear Builders today to start the discussion.

Photo: Plastered by humbert15 licensed under Creative commons 2