Written by Spear Builders

5 traits of superior home builders

In the market for a new home? Make sure you choose the right home builders for the task. These five traits should guide your search from beginning to end:

1. Experience

The more familiar your home builder is with homes like your own, the more confident you can be in the final product. While everyone needs to start somewhere, there’s a lot of value in a tried, tested, and true team of home builders. Make sure to look at more than just the number of years in service—look at the reputation and check the references.

2. Professionalism

A home builder shouldn’t be difficult to contact, should never be rude, and shouldn’t show up late to meetings. It may be difficult to make hard promises on timelines, especially if something unexpected occurs—but that doesn’t give a builder cart blanche to make things up and give halfhearted excuses later. You want the people building your home to take their jobs seriously and perform their work earnestly.

3. Familiarity with new technology

Modern home building involves a lot of new technology, from the architectural software used in design to the new techniques used to effectively put together energy-efficient homes. While it may be appealing to work with a team of builders who still do things the old-fashioned way, it’s not optimal for your home. You want people who have an old-fashioned work ethic and plenty of experience married with an appreciation of new technology and opportunities to enhance the final home. If your builder doesn’t know what low-e windows are, for example, how efficient will your home really be?

4. Confidence

Or, to put it more bluntly, warranties and guarantees. There’s a lot of advertising and branding value in strongly worded contract-backed promises—any company which hesitates to make those sorts of promises and thus skips on those benefits should be viewed with extreme skepticism. Guarantees make money for good companies and lose money for bad companies—food for thought.

5. Transparency

You should always be able to understand what you’re paying for and what you’re getting—whether you’re buying a candy bar at the store or a custom-built home. Obfuscation of expenses, materials, or any other aspect of the building process should be taken as a bad sign. A good home builder has nothing to hide and will be glad to communicate with you consistently, clearly, and thoroughly.

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